Precious Metal Guide

In general, the most common products are the 1 ounce gold coins including the Maple Leaf and

Krugerrand. In the United States and Canada most people prefer the Eagles aswell as the Maple Leaf coins. Also gold bars are in high demand, they are available in all sizes from 1 gram to 1 kilogram. The premium decreases significantly if you buy larger gold bars and that’s the cheapest option to buy gold. Gold coins are more convenient if you want to be able to trade gold in smaller quantities.

If you want to invest in gold or silver, you can choose between a selection of various coins and bars in different sizes and purities. The quantity of options might be overwhelming and how do you know which product to buy?

Below you see how the prices are build up:


Pricing, premium and spread




The current price for the product


The amount you pay above gold value or silver value


The difference between our buying and selling price for the product         

We recommend our customer to browse through our website and if you have any question please give us a call so we can guide you through the process of buying the right investment what is suitable for you.